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If you are tired of having to wait for an entire torrent to download before you can play the video or audio tracks contained within it, then you will no doubt be happy to learn about Torrent Video Player. Torrent Video Player allows you to watch movies and listen to audio tracks while the file is still being downloaded, just like playing streaming media on the Internet. The program downloads torrents in a different way to many of the mainstream clients and it works like a traditional media player. This makes it both user-friendly and versatile, thanks to a welcomingly familiar interface. Torrent Video Player is based on the extremely popular VLC Media Player. It plays many different audio and video formats and, combined with a neatly laid out user interface, no special knowledge or experience is needed. To play a file contained within a torrent, you simply need to open the torrent file and the program will automatically play the media contained in it as soon as it starts downloading.

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